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Mechanical Keyboard Glossary

Mechanical Keyboard collecting and customization has been a hobby of mine for years. Sometimes it is too easy to forget how jargon heavy and confusing entering a new hobby can be. This mechanical keyboard glossary contains collected terms and definitions that should help newcomers get a better understanding of the vocabulary used throughout the other mechanical keyboard reviews and guides. As the hobby continues to grow and adapt, new vocabulary will appear within the mechanical keyboard glossary when necessary. Mechanical Keyboard Glossary # % When referring to a percentage of a keyboard form factor, it is expressing the percent...

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Mechanical Keyboard Form Factors

Find the Perfect Form Factor Mechanical Keyboard form factor refers to the physical shape, size, and number of keys. Three common form factors are displayed in the image above. Form factor is important because it should be the first decision made for narrowing down which mechanical keyboard fits your needs. Form factor and layout are not the same thing. A mechanical keyboards layout is specifically the location of the keys on the keyboard. This can refer to classic keyboard layouts such as QWERTY, or a simple change such as making a mechanical keyboard win-keyless (not including a windows key...

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